Rough Weather, Good Fishing



The second half of January saw some good fishing on Pier 60. As long as the wind was not howling right before the arrival of the cold fronts, or during some of the torrential rains we had in the past week or so, fishermen were able to do well after sundown. Lots of good-sized Whiting were caught on cut squid, and many nights saw up to 35 fish per angler. Most of the Whiting were over 12 inches in length, and a few nights the fish averaged 16 inches, with a couple of fish measuring 18 inches!
There were also a fair number of Sand Seatrout and Spotted Seatrout taken at night on live shrimp. Small Silver Trout were also caught on cut bait.

Anglers armed with small hooks and cut shrimp or small crabs were able to catch quite a few Sheepshead, but not as many or as large as a few weeks ago.
Small Blacktip Sharks have shown up in the past few days, and a 3-foot Lemon Shark was caught and released.

Good Luck Fishing!

Silver Trout, Whiting Abundant

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel

December was a great month to fish on Pier 60.

On the sunny warm days, the Spanish Mackerel were around, hitting on small Glass Minnows, Shrimp, small live Sardines, and live shrimp. Larger sabiki rigs also induced flurries of action.
A few Gag Grouper were caught and released, but no keepers.

At night, Silver Trout, Whiting, and Sand Seatrout were caught, with some fishermen taking home up to 25 assorted fish.

There were a variety of species, including Lane Snapper, Key West Grunt, Black Seabass, Searobin, Sheepshead, and Jack Crevalle.

The water remained clear most of the time, but when the winds churned the waves into froth, water visibility quickly deteriorated, and it takes a few days of clear calm weather to bring the water visibility back.

It seems that the baitfishes are still around, and on some days the water was dark with schools of fish. The larger predatory fish attacked from below, while the Pelicans and other diving birds feasted from above.

Snook have moved inside the passes into warmer areas, creeks cuts, and deep canals. It will take a sustained stretch of warm weather to entice them back to the Pier area.

A few nice stringers of Sheepshead were taken, and the fish were fat and healthy, averaging about 3 pounds each.